Dhumavati: The Crone & Grandmother Spirit

With the first New Moon of 2019 just behind us, we germinate in this time of Winter and darkness. New Moons represent the beginning of a cycle – that space or void that exists before creation. In farming traditions, the new moon (or dark time) is the ideal time to plant seeds since the soil is most fertile. As the farmers plant seeds in the Earth, we too can plant seeds in our hearts.

As we begin the new year with the wisdom and knowledge of the past, this is also a time of invitation to call in new intentions and set the tone for the coming year. Have you given yourself the solitude, the silence, the darkness – to germinate within, and hear what is truly calling you for 2019?

Dhumavati, the seventh Great Wisdom Goddess (of the Dasha Mahavidyas), is the manifestation of “the void.” The Dark Goddess whose name means “smokey one,” is she who exists before creation and after dissolution. She is the dissolved form of consciousness that pervades in sleep and illusion. Among yogis, she is the power that destroys ill thought and the illusory idea of what we are not. She is the crone, grandmother spirit, the death of winter which is followed by the promise of rebirth in the Spring. She is the wisdom we turn to in darkness that brings us home – giving us strength to dream and vision our worlds anew.

In her imagery she is often depicted as old, ugly, and decrepit – which teaches us to look beyond the superficial, beyond the smoke of illusion, and turn inwards to locate the inner truths of life. When we call on this dark goddess amid this dark time, she acts as a great teacher, one who reveals ultimate knowledge of the universe, and gives us clarity on our path.


We invite you to take some time in these coming days, to sit in darkness, in solitude, and turn your attention inwards.

Move beyond intentions or resolutions of superficiality. Look into the cave of your tender heart and soul, listen deeply to the pure beingness that it sings.

See Dhumavati as the infinite, clear space – the space of the peaceful void beyond worldly desires. Tune into the deeper calling of your intentions within.

What is it that Mother Crone sings for you?


Watch for our next post amid this special Shakti Sadhana sneak peek taster series in which we will inquire into the eighth Dasha Mahavidya – Bagalamukhi. She is the giver of supernatural/magical powers (re: siddhis).



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