Jnana Yoga: The Path of Self Inquiry

Jnana Yoga is the yoga of knowledge and also refers to the path of self inquiry. That is, to understand the nature of reality: the knower (Awareness/Self/Absolute Reality/Pure Consciousness) and the dharma field (Maya/Isvhara/Divinity/dreamscape/world). That in fact the knower is before the field, yet is also the field. And that there is no field without the knower. Hence, that this is a non-dual reality. (Also known as: Advaita, meaning “not two.”) This is not simply just a concept to understand intellectually, but rather an inquiry to engage – the result being, an easeful life.

Self inquiry points to all objects as illuminated by You, which gives them life. This light can be interpreted as joy/bliss. That is, You are the joy/bliss – the joy/bliss is not outside of you. And so, there’s no need to chase objects to fill a sense of lack, because you are already complete. You always have been. Always will be. For it is your very nature! Once this understanding has crystallized in you – enjoy the objects. Because if the knowledge of your True Nature is firm in you – you will without a doubt – enjoy them without any attachment to them. Ie: when they are not present or not giving you what you want, etc. – You will not suffer.

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