Kali Ma Blessings & Practice for this Full Moon Time


“A fully evolved symbol of Mother Nature, Kali encapsulates creation, nurture and destruction: destroying the finite to reveal the infinite, shattering illusions to expose the radical truths that lie behind conditioned minds and conduct. I offer her to You as the fierce avatar of Mother Nature, fearless and indiscriminate.”


Kali is the great liberator, setting us free from our made up limitations. Beyond name and form, she shines as the light of truth and illuminated consciousness free from illusion.


Here is a short practice by Chameli Ardagh called “There You Are.” This simple yet powerful practice creates space for deeper understanding of the Self, the illusion of our thoughts, and the power of Kali 

i Ma to shine light upon the shadow and dismantle it…

Practice ~ There You Are!
When you notice yourself being hooked into
a familiar pattern, a clenching in the stomach,
spinning thoughts; when you hear yourself saying yes when you mean no; when you find yourself
walking the maze of self-obsession; when
fear and judgment enthusiastically set up camp
and start walking their muddy feet all over your heart, whisper, “Ahhh,There you are!

Recognize that this is Her.

Then ask Her, “What is here for me to learn?
What do you want to show me?

Notice how She shapeshifts already when you ask these questions.

Stay aware of your inner and outer landscape.

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Watch for the next post in which we will take a glimpse into the blessings of Tara - the second of the Dasha Mahavidyas.


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