Vedic Fire Ceremony for Healing & Transformation

Using the agency of fire inside a vessel (kund), and connecting with the biodynamic rhythm of Mother Earth while mantras and prayers are chanted and offerings are made – the Vedic Fire Ceremony is a devotional ritual that serves as a direct portal to the deities. It is one of the most ancient forms of ritual in the world, originating from Mother India about 10,000 years ago.

It serves as an altar to the Divine, and generally as a space for healing, emotional purification, karmic cleansing – and transformation and/or rite of passage. It is an opportunity to surrender that which does not serve us anymore. And it is a symbol of that which we are (Satya), and
that which we are not (Mitya).

Holding a ceremony intention with an attitude of karma yoga (non-attachment), this co-creative space is engaged to support oneself, each other, loved ones – and for the greater good of all sentient beings. Vedic Fire Ceremony are often performed during full and new moons, to support healing, for a union/marriage, at the time of death/birth, to bless a home, etc.

Agni is the deity of fire, and the messenger who transmits all the prayers and intentions of human beings/devotees to the deities. No spirit is accessible without the vehicle of Agni, and no divinity is without the presence of Agni. Not only does Agni deliver the offerings from human beings to the deities, but he also brings the deities to the altar. Offerings to Agni and the deities include those that are material and symbolic such as grains, ghee, milk, incense and seeds.

We will go much deeper into this practice during Shakti Sadhana: A Woman’s Pilgrimage into the Indian Himalayas.

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