Shakti Sadhana ~ A Woman’s Pilgrimage into the Indian Himalayas ~


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An honoring, a celebration – and a deepening into the 

Sacred Divine Feminine.

“Spiritual knowledge is the womb through which we are reborn into the world of Truth…Entering into higher knowledge is to enter into the body of the Goddess for our own spiritual rebirth. To contact the Divine Mother and commune with her powers unfolds the various degrees and stages of our own inner transformation.”

Have you been playing small? Reluctant to step into your Divine feminine POWER and PASSION?

Can you say out LOUD that you LOVE and HONOUR yourself with every fibre of your being?

Are you tuned into the GODDESS WITHIN YOU – moment-to-moment – as the pulse that moves through your very Being incessantly?

Are you YEARNING for more SACRED PLAY in your daily life?

Perhaps it is time for AN INNER REVOLUTION. The time to truly CLAIM and WALK your Goddess-given path wholeheartedly, from the absolute depth of your Being.

You are Powerful. You are Divine. You are Fullness itself.

Indeed, the time is NOW. Open deeply to the gift that is YOU.

It is TIME to…

  • STOP the self-judgment and self-doubt.
  • Stop seeking your value outside of yourself.
  • LET GO of the fear of not being good enough.


KNOW the TRUTH of your innate FULLNESS.

Let it RADIATE from the very CENTRE of your BEING.

DEAR WOMAN, come walk with us and shed old stories and beliefs that no longer serve you.

  • Step IN and step UP to your FEMININE POWER.
  • Learn to SPEAK your TRUTH. Truly walk with it. Never a moment not.
  • Be EMPOWERED in a safe and inspired sacred space among sisterhood.
  • Build COURAGE and inner STRENGTH, and cultivate SELF LOVE.

As women, we are searching for a new freedom – the freedom from self-judgment, comparison, and struggle. The freedom from trying to take care of everyone else, and forgetting ourselves in the process. It is time to cultivate the freedom to be the women we are Truly meant to Be.

GIFT YOURSELF THIS FREEDOM: to be YOU, wholeheartedly – and with total conviction. To learn to love and accept all of You by the Grace, power and inspiration of the Great Goddess, in all her names and forms that she reflects to you in every moment.

This retreat is for:

  • Yoginis
  • Lovers of the Goddess, the mountains, and Mama India.
  • Women who…
    • Have always dreamt about journeying in Mother India.
    • Want to be in a SAFE container with experienced guides, while journeying in Mama India for the first time.
    • Want to be with a like-minded group of women who you truly vibe with.
    • Are answering a calling from deep within that has been hankering at you – perhaps for years, maybe more.
    • Are ready for healing, strength, and transformation – LIVING FROM THE ESSENCE OF YOUR FEMININE POWER/DIVINE LOVE – and not from fear.
    • Want to move from a sense of lack, to THE FULLNESS THAT YOU TRULY ARE.
    • Want to DEEPEN into your practice and/or form a daily practice.
    • Are looking for a shift but don’t quite know what it is.
    • Want to RISE IN LOVE instead of retract in fear.
    • Want to CONNECT TO YOUR CREATIVITY AND INNER WISDOM, and hone your ability to set purposeful intent.
    • Want to gain practical tools and inspiration to WEAVE INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE.
    • Are not so much interested in taking a vacation, but rather EMBARKING ON A TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY.


“Every place you see is my temple. All events are acts of worship to me. At all times are my holy celebrations, as I am the nature of all.”

– Devi Gita


Join us as we journey into one of the greatest power sources on Mother Earth amid the Indian Himalayas within a Sacred Divine safe space. Together we will create a new foundation for healing, strength, and transformation – living from the essence of our feminine power – and not from fear.

Be led by two facilitators with 27 years of combined experience in yogic study; along with 20 years of living/volunteering/travelling in India; along with 22 years of world travel experience. One of which who is fluent in the local North Indian language of Hindi – a first generation Indian woman born in Canada with deep Vedic roots.


“The Goddess is the knowledge that outs the mind to rest and returns us to Source. Through her we discover the serenity of Self.”


Our Pilgrimage

United in the strength of sisterhood, we will embark on an inner journey of activating our Shakti energy, deepening into our creative power, and revelling in the abundance of the Sacred Divine Feminine.  Our outward journey will begin in the holy place of Haridwar. Journeying up the banks of the sacred river Ganga we will eventually find ourselves at her very mouth – where  this highly revered river Goddess begins her 2500km decent across North India.

It will be a time of practice, with stays at Divine Mother-inspired ashrams led by female saints. We will visit ancient Shakti temples, a samadhi of a highly esteemed female sage, cleanse in the Ganga River, and more. (View our full day-by-day itinerary here.) There will be plenty of time to explore, rest and reflect, and engage in self care.

Dasha Mahavidyas: The Ten Wisdom Goddesses

Our immersion into the Sacred will be inspired through the study of the Ten Wisdom Goddesses known as the the Dasha Mahavidyas. We will steep in the varied faces of the Divine Feminine, exploring the many aspects of the Goddess. Through particular practices, we will indulge in the energetic qualities each Goddess offers, embodying these elements within. Containing all wisdom, all potential, from the Warrior to the Mother, from the Beautiful One to the Widow – we will connect to each of the Divine faces acknowledging them as our own. And we will utilize their powers to inform our actions, thoughts and interactions amid our daily life.

Daily Flow

By engaging ceremony and practices such as daily Meditation/Asana/Pranayama (breathwork)/Mantra Chanting – and forms like Yagna (Vedic Fire Ceremony), self Inquiry/Vedic Study, Reflective Writing, Kirtan, Dance, Art, and Sound Healing – you will find a deep connection to the radiance and fullness already within you. View our daily schedule here.

When we are sincerely open and know we truly lack nothing, life naturally opens up and guides us to our truest expression. That which we truly came here to walk, honour, celebrate, and serve.

Each one of us has the Divine Feminine within us already. Ignite her fire with A Woman’s Pilgrimage into the Himalayas!

Step in, Step Up ~ Reclaim your Wholeness:

  • Re-wire with a new, tangible pathway to commit to: the Goddess within you; your practice; your purpose: and your innate Fullness.
  • Get re-inspired to engage actions that dissolve judgment, fear, and scarcity thinking – so you can make space to access your innate wisdom.
  • Re-connect to your wholeness, your vitality, and your joyful essence.

You will learn how to clear out internal stagnation and procrastination, connect to your creativity and inner wisdom, and hone your ability to set purposeful intent.                     

This is a journey to expand your relationship with your deeper self, whilst walking a path of inner healing – discovering your True Radiance. Our intention will be to embody this Truth, and apply this introspection to our daily lives.


“There is something about the Himalayas…something unseen and unknown, a charm that pervades every hour spent among them, a mystery intriguing and disturbing. Confronted by them, one loses their grasp of ordinary things, perceiving themselves as immortal, an entity capable of outdistancing all changes, all decay, all life, all death.”


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