“By You this universe is borne, By You this world is created, O Devi, by you it is protected.”

– Devi Mahatyam

The Practical Details…


We will largely be staying in Divine Mother-inspired ashrams led by renowned female saints mostly, with AC hotel stays on arrival in Delhi, and on departure in Rishikesh. Ashrams are simple spiritual centres focused on yogic and devotional practice.

Accommodation is in twin rooms to support the nurturing of sisterhood amongst our group.


We will be enjoying two tasty vegetarian meals a day (brunch and dinner), and an afternoon snack. They will be sattvic and healthy. If you require other food stuff to supplement your diet, these can be purchased in town.


India is unlike any other place on Earth. The deep sense of devotion that is intertwined into the the fabric of daily life; the great sense of  hospitality amongst the people (guest is God); the varied landscapes (everything from slums, to country, to mountains, to rivers, lakes, etc.); and the cultural diversity in language/food/religion that seems to shift every 100 kilometres – is unique to this holy nation of over one billion.

India is a Dharmic society. Everywhere you look there is a form of devotion unfolding – be it a baba,  swami, temple, murti (sacred statue), prayer, kirtan (devotional singing), a ‘Namaste,’ anointment on the third eye (tilak), aarti (sacred hymn), a diya lit (sacred flame), and so on. Indian life is structured around a Dharmic culture.

It can also be hot in the lowlands, crowded, and an assault on the senses. Be prepared to sweat, navigate the medley of emotions that may arise that include everything from joy, elation and bliss – to impatience and overwhelm.

India will challenge you, it will make you laugh, and it will truly melt your heart again and again. And we marvel and enjoy the wonderful gift before Us!


Haridwar will be hot, and as we move to our next destination, about eight hours further up into the Himalayas, the weather will be very pleasant. In Gangotri, the mornings and nights can be cool, with warm days. As we journey into the mountains towards the source of the Ganges River and beyond, the days will be warm, and the mornings and nights cool.


Hot water is available in the attached bathrooms of each room for shower and bucket bath at all ashram and hotel stays.

Filtered drinking water will be arranged at our ashram and hotel stays for your refillable water bottle that you will bring. Outside of our accommodation premises, you are responsible for carrying bottled/filtered water purchased at a shop.