Yesenia Hernandez

After years of struggling with low self esteem, lack of self worth and value, Yes found yoga and spirituality as a way to connect to her fullness and divine energy within. Diving into a Goddess-focused sadhana of pranayama, asana, meditation, and a variety of wisdom practices including Munay Ki, Tarot, Shamanic Journeying, and EFT  for the last 10 years – Yes is passionate about helping others bridge the infinite potential they hold to know their innate fullness.

Yes has been teaching hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yin for five years; she has been a lead instructor in teacher training courses for the last 3 years – and is a certified Nada Yoga teacher and Sound Healer.

After extensive travels in Europe and Southeast Asia, her love for India has guided her there for the past 5 years to steep in the wisdom and knowledge of Yogic traditions and healing arts. Yes has studied with Shiva Rea, Alanna Kaivalaya and Anandra George along with countless of teachers in the many aspects of Yoga & Sound.

Yes graduated from her first 200 hour teacher training in the lineage of Sivananda Yoga, to foster a foundation in knowledge and experience in the traditional practices of Hatha Yoga. She then continued her studies with teachers that emanated a fullness in practice and philosophy.  Yes’ second teacher training was completed at Trimurti Yoga in multi-style practices. Thirdly, a teacher training in the Heart of Sound, encompassing the practices of Nada Yoga.

As Yes began to move into the deeper realms of subtle practice, she studied the healing methods of Tibetan Singing Bowls with Shiva Girish, Vladimir Ivanchikov, and White Dove in Rishikesh and Goa, and became a certified Sound Healing Practitioner in 2017. She is a  Level II Reiki Energy Practitioner, as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Aesthetician in the US.

Yes is continuously studying, diving inward, and connecting more fully to limitlessness. She is currently studying the Prana Vinyasa system with teacher Shiva Rea and continues her studies of subtle sciences with Natalie Rousseau online.

Yes’s approach combines physical alignment, Goddess practices, and philosophy to the subtleties of breath, feeling and connection.


Satya Jehman

Satya met the yoga path for healing after sustaining a broken back and a triple fracture to her pelvis. The experience guided her on slowing down, cultivating patience, refining her perseverance, while learning how to walk again. How to Be again. In this new way. One that was much more still. Her entire world shifted as she left an active extreme mountain sports and athletic life for the path of yoga.

After seven years of studying and going through the progression of the yogas, Satya was met with jnana yoga – the path she had avoided her whole life after her traditional parents had waved the Bhagavad Gita around like it was the bible, during her childhood and teenage years. She observed that she was becoming stagnant on the yoga path, full well knowing that she had to face what she’d been avoiding her whole life (the scriptures of yoga) if she was to truly answer the call to go deeper.

It wasn’t until Satya met her teacher in the renowned Shiva pilgrim town of Tiruvannamalai (aka: Arunachala), South India, that she for the first time learned exactly what this scripture was embodying. How it was actually the very guidebook for truly living a Dharmic life. In fact, in those first moments, she knew this is what she had been waiting to hear her whole life. She proceeded to sit with this teacher for the next two months, listening to his discourse on the Bhagavad Gita daily. And she has been studying with him in the form of Advaita Vedanta, and supporting the management of his satsang in South India ever since – now 10 years later. This study shifted her entire orientation. And all the intense physical karma she had been contending with her whole life had suddenly come to an abrupt end at that moment she picked up the scripture.

After rebelling against the traditional path her parents were laying down, and finally leaving home at 16 to forge her own path – Satya returned to the Vedic path through the yogas in her early 20s and hasn’t looked back since. She came full circle onto the path she was born into, in her own way, on her own terms. Through the natural Goddess-given dance of life.

Satya has been travelling, living, and/or volunteering in Mother India – the land of her roots – all her life. She has been on the path of yoga for 17 years now. Satya carries the gift of Vedic fire ceremony by the grace of her foremothers, when her mother suddenly left her body a few short years ago. Her mother’s death was her fire initiation, and her mother’s body was her first offering into the fire of wisdom.

She completed a nine-month Yoga Apprenticeship in 2015. She has 17 years of combined experience in project and event management. Satya has travelled/worked/volunteered in nearly 20 countries in Asia, Africa, North America, and the Caribbean – in the past two decades.

Satya is fluent in the local North Indian dialect of Hindi – she is a proud to call herself both an Indian and a Canadian, with deep Vedic roots.

She has a passion for supporting people in connecting with their highest and deepest potential. For the past 17 years, Satya’s life has largely encompassed the study of yoga/self inquiry, spiritual pilgrimage, and more specifically, work that supports deepening and expansion. She’s most interested in contributing to the dissolution of humanity’s unhelpful layers (hardwired patterns and tendencies that no longer serve oneself – known as vasanas or samskaras in yoga), in order to return to our True Nature (Self/Pure Awareness). Satya’s entire life is inspired by all that flows from the innermost reaches of heart – her lifeline to the Great Goddess, Maha Shakti.

She offers from the deepest place in her with utmost respect and reverence to You, the Divine, and the Self (Pure Awareness). OM.